THE All Progressive Congress (APC) yesterday charged President Goodluck Jonathan to put a stop to the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) campaign across the country saying it is a means to spread Ebola Virus Disease.

In an interview with press men during the First Kwara Progressive Women Summit in Ilorin on thursday through its spokeman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said: ‘Nigeria is in today admit Ebola crisis.

“The minister of health himself has advised that large gatherings should be discouraged, that we should be mindful of even going to parties.

The same Federal Government has because of this Ebola spread postponed resumption of all schools, yet the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) are moving everywhere gathering people and increasing the chances of people contacting the virus, Mr President cannot pretend not to know who the drivers of the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria are.

They are government officials, Secretary to the Government is a member, many legislators are prominent members, and this cannot stand. Today two new cases of Ebola have been discovered in port-Harcourt, yet they are going to have the south- south rally today.

Do you know exactly how many people that can be infected because we don’t know how many people have had contact with these two persons in port-Harcourt.”

“Don’t forget that the various ambassadors of various countries are watching what we are doing in Nigeria and they are writing their reports back home, we cannot in one breath tell Nigerians that we are serving them and at the same time take actions that will lead to the Ebola not contained.

As we speak now the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN) are collecting signatures for Mr president to run, for whose benefits are those signatures and yet Mr president want to tell us that his election is not worth the blood of one Nigerian?

But do you know how many Nigerians could be affected if we have a real Ebola epidemic and the easiest way to contact Ebola is by this unrestricted gatherings of people.

I think it is about time Mr President should come out to tell them to stop this”, he retorted.

He concluded by expressing his dissatisfaction about the campaign, saying, “We are not worried as a political party of the antics of the so called Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria(TAN), we would not have spoken today but for the serious danger that they posing to all of us, they are moving from one state to the other, from one zone to the other.

They are encouraging people of all sorts to come and congregate in a country that is facing Ebola.

We will not keep our children from school if we are not convinced of the serious and present danger this Ebola virus is posing yet Mr president sits in Abuja, his minister gave an order, he is being disobeyed and his secretary to the government is leading this rally, in other words they believe that the rest of Nigerian are not as important as their re-election.

And we must not forget that this Ebola has affected us tremendously economically, ask anybody, people are not coming into the country, we have been stigmatized.

Every Nigerian today that wants to go South Africa or wherever has to be certified that he is free from Ebola. Mr president must give the order today to stop this transformation, enough is enough. Thank you” he barked.

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