These three women have been arrested and charged to court for stealing Rolex watches belonging to Las Vegas tourists.

The 3 suspects, Bryanna Warren, Charmella Triggs and Trinity Kennard were said to have stolen the items on August 17 at the Encore Hotel, Las Vegas after meeting with the tourists at the hotel bar.

The victims reportedly took the women to their room where they started making love. As they where making love, both men were persuaded to remove their Rolex watches, one valued at $12,000 and the other worth around $4,000.

A short time later, the victims relaized their Rolex watches were missing.  read report below

One of the men chased the suspects down the hall, but backed off when Triggs activated a stun gun near the elevator.

According to the police report, surveillance video shows two of the women hiking up their dresses inside the elevator and inserting foreign objects into their private parts.
Meanwhile, the victims notified security and the women were arrested by Las Vegas Police at the taxi pick-up area of the Encore.

While the women were detained at the hotel, officers recovered a stun gun and one of the watches. Kennard later produced a watch from inside her private part during a strip search at Clark County Detention Center, KPTV TV reports.

The three women were booked on counts of burglary, conspiracy to commit grand larceny and conspiracy to commit robbery, according to

They are due in court Sept. 3. 

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