A non-political affiliate and association of witches, under the guise of Inner Coven Society Worldwide has said President Goodluck Jonathan would win the 2015 general election.

The Sun reports that the society’s President-General, Dr. Omo Ebosele, who stated that there was no longer vacancy in Aso Rock, come 2015 presidential election, revealed that the poll had been concluded in the spiritual realm and it was won by President Jonathan.

According to him, the future of Nigeria in regards to the 2015 presidential election had been sealed by supernatural forces, which no mortal has the ability to change. He said the mandate had the general backing of the principalities and powers that operate both in the high places as well as the earthly realm.

“The Inner Coven Society World-wide, as the minds that have travelled into the unseen and the unknown, is using this opportunity to say that the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria is a foregone issue. The election has been won and lost in the spirit realm. The candidate who by destiny has the overwhelming support of our society as well as other supernatural principalities in the high places is President Jonathan and he has won the election” he said.

The president general described as a wild goose chase for any aspirant to contest against Jonathan in the coming election, disclosing that the society, in partnership with other forces and principalities had chosen Jonathan since 2011.

Dr. Ebosele, however, explained that the society was not a political organization nor affiliated to any political party or association. He said the society comprised all the witches across the various continents of the earth, and cleared the air that, they were not evil in their operation but only support the good of the people across different countries of the world.

He said divine hand is upon President Jonathan, and assured that there should be no no cause for alarm because the battle has been fought and won in the spirit. He recalled that they were also the first to warn that the 2011 election was going to be bloody in some states, as well as the prediction of the death of two serving governors.

On the issue of insurgency, Dr Ebosele, remarked that darkness cannot triumph over light, and assured that Boko Haram will soon fade out from our daily reality as a country.

“Our society is not evil in operations neither are we fetish, but we have supernatural powers to control events for the good of humanity,” he said.

It would be recalled that the Peoples Democratic Party recently chose President Jonathan as its sole candidate in the 2015 general election. The President, who was very elated said he was humbled and overwhelmed by the party’s decision, and promised to positively utilise his mandate.

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