Yes, it is real. Zenith Bank has just gone from ‘exclusive to inclusive’ as customers can now open an account with Zenith Bank for just a thousand naira. This is part of the premium bank’s recent efforts to bring its banking services to the average Nigerian.

Zenith Bank has always been known to provide ‘top notch’ banking services to mostly premium customers. That’s because it usually costs at least N250, 000 to open an account in the bank. 

For nearly three decades, the bank has built a loyal clientele, who are mostly the corporate giants and High Networth Individuals (HNIs). Now it is bringing that same excellent service to the average Nigerian. This makes the bank not only ‘Premium’, but also ‘Inclusive’.
On-going restructuring and change of strategy in Zenith Bank’s retail segment is yielding a lot of results. Besides the lowering of the amount to open an account, Zenith bank has also introduced an account opening code that is simple and easy to dial. 

Just dial *966*0# on any phone and you are good to go. Within 7 days, your account will be activated and you can then visit any Zenith Bank branch to complete the transaction.