Two Chinese and two Nigerians has been uncovered by men of the Nigerian police attached to Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos state.
A fake embassy operated by two Chinese and two Nigerians has been uncovered by men of the Nigerian police attached to Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in Lagos state.

Prior to the clampdown, the fake embassy located at Golden Point and Suite on Duduyemi Street in Ejigbo, Lagos issued mainly Trinidad and Tobago’s visas.

The RRS arrested operators of the fake embassy are two Chinese – Liu Honyang, 47; and Sun Xinai, 49 – and their Nigerian collaborators – Oriyomi Olawale, 47 and Desmond Chinedu, 25.

Several victims who spoke with Punch newspaper revealed that the fake embassy had scammed unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard earned money.

One of the victims, Adekunle Adefuye, said he met them through one of their agents, one Dorcas Slyver.

“She is a daughter to my brother’s pastor in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I told her about my intention and zeal to travel to the United States. She told me to come to Lagos that she could procure the American visa for me.

“On getting to Lagos, she took me to the Chinese and I was advised to travel to Trinidad and Tobago. They said I would secure employment with at least $3,000 salary.

“I paid a total sum of N1.3m in installment for the process, including visa processing and flight fare.”

He said he was arrested immediately he got to Trinidad and Tobago on October 19, 2016, by the country’s immigration officers for coming into the country with a fake visa.

“I was arrested with another Nigerian. We spent two days with the police. They treated us like criminals trying to enter the country illegally. We were deported on October 22, 2016, and arrived in Nigeria the following day,” he added. 

Rasheed Ololade, another victim said he paid N1.3m to the fake embassy.

“I was fortunate to escape being jailed in Trinidad and Tobago for coming into the country with fake documents.

“They beat me up and starved me for two days. I was lucky to have been deported,” he added.

Another victim, Friday Owah, said he just paid N600,000 before the arrest.

He said, “I was introduced to them by one man, Mr. Oscar. They promised to secure the visa for me within two weeks.”

The High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in a letter written to the RRS dated December 7, 2016 and signed by Garth Lamsee, the acting High Commissioner said; “…the mission can categorically confirm that the individual Sun Xinai, who is claiming to be an agent of this mission, is unknown to us.

“Furthermore, this mission does not use the services of an agent in any capacity whatsoever and has never done so in the past either.

“With regard to the authenticity of the attached visas, the mission can also categorically confirm that those visas were not issued at this High Commission and are clearly fraudulent.”

On its part, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, said the police had launched a manhunt for other agents of the fake embassy.

“Members of the public should be wary of visa agents. Anyone who wishes to travel out of the country should direct their applications to the embassies,” she added.

Recall that a fake US embassy in Ghana has been shut down after operating illegally for over a decade.

The place was ran by a criminal cartel issuing visas and executing other diplomatic tasks.