I am a lover of d social media, and I rarely post without using hashtags on Instagram.

This evening I imputed the hashtag “Igbomina” on IG and what I discovered really got me saddened… ?? I found only 25 results for #Igbomina and 1 result for #omoigbomina.

This might seem like a trivial talk , but indeed are you truly proud of your roots ? Do you know anything about your origin? Can you write a 2 pages essay about your hometown?

I am very sure, someone will drop a comment insulting me, but dearest brothers and sisters from Igbomina, Ekiti, Offa etc We are at the disadvantaged level simply because we are nonchalant about our origin.

Some of us assume that the welfare ,wellbeing or development of our region should be the headache of the politically inclined ones , some of us care less about the state of our kinsmen, some of us feel that it’s only the rich people that can contribute to the growth of our region.

Have you ever wondered the kind of awareness you can raise for our region with the social media?

Just an hashtag can connect you with your kinsmen, just an hashtag can improve your knowledge about the potentials of #KwaraSouth , an hashtag can link you to business opportunities .

You need not be an activist, you need not be politically inclined , you need not be wealthy, but you need to be rich in ideas, you need to develop interest in the state of affairs of #KwaraSouth and #Kwara as a whole.

It is very important that we educate our children about the beautiful esie soap plant, we need to tell the about the story of offa, the huge okin industries, our rich culture and heritage etc

We need to inquire into the reasons why our villages and towns look exactly the same way since we were born. We need to inquire into the rationale behind the continued underdevelopment of our region.

We need to call on our successful and resourceful brothers and sisters to bring their prosperities down home. We need to collaborate and pardner in love and not in hate to make our region a better place.

This is not a battle of who is superior over who, this is not a rant about who is enslaving who, this is not a fight against any region or group of people, this is a call for the vivification of our glory; a call for collaboration , this is a call for conjugation and unification. This is an open call to all sons and daughters from #Igbomina , #Ekitiland , #Offa #oyun and the #KwaraSouth generally. We need to come together and think together towards the same goal of making our region a better place. Let’s start with an hashtag #kwaraSouth on IG , Twitter and Facebook.

Love for All ; hatred for non.

#LegalEagle is a student at the Nigeria Law School and the Founder of Eagles Foundation for Humanity titilopeanny@gmail.com